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Crayon Inflatable Castle Inflatable Playpen Tricycles Inflatable Jungle Gym Inflatable Dome

A Wide Range of Inflatables

Inflatables — from bounce houses to water slides and more — make for events that everyone will remember. Contact us today and put us to work!

28' Slide (L 36', H 28', W 26')

This giant slide makes any event a blast! Challenge your friends to a race to the bottom of the tallest inflatable slide in the Midwest.

18' Water Slide (L 25', H 18', W 12')

An 18' water slide is every kid's dream! This will make any event a huge success.

Giant Tricycles

Ready... set ...go! Race your friends on these giant tricycles as spectators cheer you on.

2 Lane Bungee Run (L 33', H 8', W 12')

Challenge your friends on the two-lane bungee run. The person who gets the farthest is named winner — right before the bungee pulls you back to the start!

2 Person Bungee Basketball (L 30', H 9', W 11')

Think you have what it takes to dunk on your friends? Start off back-to-back and try to get to the basket first — but don't forget that your opponent is pulling against you. Run fast, run hard, and dunk on your friends!

Crayola Bounce House (L 16', H 13', W 12')

Small kids love bouncing around in our Crayola themed bounce house!

Zorbs with X-Track (L 75', W 30')

Allow us to introduce... Zorbs (also known as human hamster balls). Simply climb inside our huge air cushioned sphere and run around until you just can't go any longer. Use the Zorbs inside or out on our inflatable Z-Track racecourse.


The Joust is an attraction that allows two people to battle it out while trying to knock their opponent off the pedestal.

Demolition Ball Octagon (L 27', W 15", H 27')

This all-new attraction is wild. Four players climb onto the pedestals and hurl the demolition ball at each other, trying to knock their opponents off. The last one standing wins!

Mechanical Bull (L 25', W 25', H 8')

The mechanical bull is the wildest entertainment piece for any event. Test your skills to see if you have what it takes to ride the full 8 seconds. Book the mechanical bull at your next event and make it one to remember!

Vertigo Giant Obstacle Course (L 40', W 17', H 15')

One of only four in the world, the Vertigo is an extreme obstacle course designed for the thrill-seeker among us. Vertigo will bring laugh-out-loud laughter and entertain the whole crowd.

Foam Pit

Our 30' x 30' foam pit is filled with two powerful foam machines, keeping the foam pit filled to the top and the crowd covered all night!

Giant Drive-In Movie Screens

With our giant inflatable screens, you can enjoy a movie on your lawn. With screens up to 26 feet tall, we have a screen for crowds of any size.

The Dome

If you are searching for a fresh approach to temporary event coverings, you will find little else that can beat the practicality, style, and effectiveness of our inflatable dome! With seating for up to 20, a refreshment area, and a large open area in the middle, the dome can be used indoors or out. It's perfect for use as a VIP lounge, green room, welcome center, ticket booth, or cooling station.